Fight blockchain and crypto patent trolls and protect against patent abuse from bad actors

The typical patent case costs at least $250,000 (US) to settle out of court.


Fighting a patent assertion could cost 10-20 times that amount.

Join the Open Crypto Alliance to protect your company.

There are thousands of patents being filed for  blockchain and crypto technologies. 


Blockchain Patent Applications by Year


One party alone is amassing a large number of patents, having filed over

800 patents internationally.


Many of those are now in a phase where they have been published and can be opposed before they can be asserted against blockchain innovators.

Do you want to protect your company, project or community initiative from being targeted by parties asserting overly broad patents?


If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the situation

If you achieve success, you will not be able to stay hidden from patent trolls or patent pirates. Their entire business is based upon seeking out successful companies and leveraging the high cost of patent litigation to obtain a cash settlement. In some cases, when the patents are held by an active crypto business a bad actor will attempt to use their patents to shut down competition.


The cost of litigation is high, and they will attack even if the patent is not highly relevant to your activities, meaning you could  still be forced to settle for hundreds of thousands of dollars just to avoid a multimillion dollar legal bill.

As a community, blockchain and crypto entrepreneurs have a limited time window and unique opportunity to protect our businesses now. The Open Crypto Alliance is dedicated to keeping blockchain and crypto technology free of unwarranted patent assertions. We intend to do this by taking aggressive proactive action to oppose overly broad patents that are being accumulated by many parties.

We are blockchain and crypto advocates, working in technology and patent law for over 30 years.

Since 2015, we have been anticipating this day. 

Advisory Board

Jed Grant

Stephan Kinsella

Marc Kaufman

Alexandra Moxin

Jean-Paul Wagner

Veronika Kuett

We are committed to making a difference and we are passionate about crypto and the open, inclusive financial future that it enables.


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We created this alliance to organize a successful fight to provide freedom to operate in blockchain and crypto technology.

Here’s how it works:

  • When patent applications are published, prior art can be submitted for the Examiner to consider 

  • Once a patent is granted, it can be opposed during a limited period of time

  • Many of these patents are weak and even based on existing open source technology

  • These can be opposed with the right legal and technical approach

  • Successfully opposed patents fall into the public domain

  • Our team has the skills and the know-how to do this

  • Each patent successfully opposed  makes your business safer

You could do this individually. You would have to identify patents that may be a threat to your business. Then you would have to file an opposition. To do this you would probably need legal assistance and the cost will be substantial.

Or you can do this with us. Join a collective effort dedicated to protecting your business. Your contribution is an investment in the future of your business. Because we act in the collective interest of all of our contributors, your contribution is effectively multiplied across all alliance members and theirs are multiplied onto you.


Remember, if you are a blockchain or crypto entrepreneur, you are at risk of being trolled and the average cost of a troll action is at least $250,000 to settle out of court and in the millions to fight in court.

We need to combine our strength. Each patent we fight will cost at least $10,000 in legal and filing fees. A simple donation of $10,000 today is an investment that could save your company millions in the future.  If we eliminate only one patent assertion against you, that’s at least a 25x return on your funds!

We must act now. There is a limited time window to effectively oppose patents and by 2023 the patent trolls and pirates will be out in full force. We are a small  team with a huge job to do. We need your support to win this together.


Join us. Please take a minute to fill out our short questionnaire so that we can see how we can best work together.


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